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                     We believe wine is a very important part of

                          the dining experience. Our goal at the

                       Angus Barn is to enhance that experience

                         by providing a wide variety of wines to

                     please every palate and suit every occasion.

                              To achieve that goal, we carefully

                                  select and cellar an extensive

                               collection of wines including rare

                                            and vintage wines.

                       While we do our best to have all wines on

                       our list available, occasionally we may be

                   temporarily unable to provide a specific wine,

                        and vintages are subject to change. Any

                unavailable selections will be noted by a red dot.

               Should you desire a wine that we are temporarily

                     out of, a wine steward will gladly assist you

                               in another comparable selection.

                           If you wish to enjoy your own special

                              wine in our restaurant, there is a

                                corkage fee of $20.00 per bottle.

                      It is with great pride and pleasure that we

                                              present this list.

                                              The Angus Barn

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