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The late Thad Eure Jr., who exemplified the
                       meaning of hospitality, saw great potential in

                      having a world class wine list which eventually

                        led to the Wine Cellar. When North Carolina

                    changed from a dry state in 1979 to “liquor by the

                          drink,” it was then that Thad’s instincts in

               developing the wine list proved fortuitous for the Barn.

                          After Thad’s untimely death in 1988, Alice
                    and Van were challenged with completing Thad’s

                         dream of building  a world-class wine cellar.

                     The coveted Wine Spectator’s Grand Award, won

                     in 1989, is the highest achievement a restaurant
                      can receive for its wine list. The award is given

                     annually to very few restaurants worldwide that

                    show  an uncompromising devotion to the quality

                      of their wine program. These restaurants must

                     offer a minimum of 1600 selections and feature a
                   serious breadth of top wine producers, outstanding

                        depth of mature vintages, a selection of large

                      format bottles, excellent compatibility with the

                         restaurant menu and superior organization,

                                    presentation and wine service.

                      Currently the Angus Barn holds 29 consecutive

                      Grand Awards that grace the hallway spiraling

                        down to what was once a cluttered basement

                     where wines were stored. Currently only 80 plus

                         restaurants throughout the world claim the

                     distinction of the Grand Award. In May of 1991,
                     we officially opened the 27,500 bottle wine cellar

                    with an accompanying dining room, Alice’s Room,

                        named in Alice’s memory. In 2007, the Cellar

                            expanded to include a 2nd dining room,

                       Thad’s Room, named in Thad’s memory and a
                                            Wine Cellar Kitchen.

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