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Certified Wine Sommelier Henk Schuitemaker,
                often referred to as “The Wine Guy” has been with the

                        restaurant for 34 years. He is responsible for

                    maintaining the wine cellar and wine list. Due to

                    his diligence and hard work, the Angus Barn has

                     maintained the Grand Award since 1989. Henk’s

                    responsibilities also include the wine education of

                    the entire service staff, public wine tastings and a
                        special wine course that he teaches for future

                     Sommeliers. He has cultivated an entire team of

                                             wine professionals.

                           Please feel free to ask Henk or one of our
                   Sommeliers to stop by your table to help with your

                    wine selection. The staff listed below have passed

                    the Court of Master Sommeliers first level course.

                     The staff with an asterisk have become Certified

                           Sommeliers through the Court of Master
                       Sommeliers. Both levels require a tremendous

                               amount of hard work and dedication.

                             We are proud to introduce them to you.

                           Will Alexander*                         Bruce Hill
                           Todd Colbert*                           Aaron Johnson

                           Greg Howard*                            Kelly Joslin
                           Cayton King*                            Doug Lassen

                           Michael Murdock*                        Melanie Lewis
                           Kiki Murphy*                            Chris Marks

                           Drew Pace*                              Jim McGovern

                           Jonathan Shaw*                          Geoff Meacham
                           Stephanie Williams*                     David Mondragon

                           Ken Wyman*                              Lana Nicolaeva
                           Joel Bishop                             Laura Regan

                           Jeff Denning                            Julie Rydzewski
                           Mike Erlichman                          Kevin Tuttle

                           Daniel Gagne

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